Why Goal Setting Will Make or Break Your Business

Goal setting is needed so you can be intentional with your actions. Goals allow you to create a plan that doesn’t waste your time or your energy.

I’ve found this to be a controversial topic.

People either love or hate goals.

I believe they are beneficial and necessary. Without them, we’re just wandering around hoping to achieve an undefined event. If you don’t have any goals set, how do you know what you’re working towards? Goals allow you to understand what activities matter and what don’t. They’ll allow you to gauge how effective you are.

The beauty in goals is that you get to define them. You get to decide the timeline, the difficulty, and what you want to achieve. h If goals are intimidating or you easily become discouraged, there are a few things you can do to change this. 

Make sure you have the right mindset when goal setting.

I often find this is one of the main culprits to why people struggle with goals. Keep your goals and progress factual rather than emotional. When we tie emotions into the goal and the results, we take everything much more personally. Then we can become discouraged and upset because we’ve woven value and worthiness into the mix. 

It’s easy for our business to become personal to us. We’re relationally based and we put so much time and energy into it! Business is not personal though. We just make it that way. 

When we start looking at results through the lens of “what is working and what is not” versus “this result is because I am/am not good enough,” we can make changes faster and easier. 

This sounds simple, but it’s not always easy. If you’ve set a goal and an uncomfortable feeling starts to come up, look at why you’re feeling that way. Write out what is factual (you can prove) and what is emotion based (subjective).

Set mini goals.

Setting small goals may sound counterproductive, but they can propel us into success faster. Small goals can be quick wins. They give you quick confidence boosters and allow you to see progress faster. This will give you the motivation to keep working towards those larger goals that can seem out of reach. 

Your goals can be related to anything from your finances, time, or impact made.

A goal is simply a measurable target that you haven’t achieved yet. 

‘Yet’ is the key word here. You will reach your goals as long as you have a plan in place. The plan is your strategy. 

The most common goals you hear are geared towards income. These are great goals to set and they can be easy to track! Just remember, there are many other areas that play into the success of your business. Consider setting goals for your audience size, number of discovery calls booked, or hours worked. 

So you’re tracking with me on why goals are important. But what do you do with them?

Follow these steps to set and track your goals:

  1. Understand your long term vision. This will give you an idea of what your priorities are. Your priorities can be your goals. Maybe it’s making $5k/month consistently, or landing 2 retainer clients. 
  2. Know where you currently are in relation to the vision. This is your starting point. From here you can map out what needs to happen to accomplish your goal. 
  3. Break down this bigger goal into smaller, bite-sized milestones. When you have a big goal in front of you, it can be easy to become discouraged, unmotivated, or overwhelmed. Break them down into smaller goals so you can get some quick wins and see the progress you’re making before hitting that big accomplishment!
  4. Write your goals and milestones out and put them somewhere you can see and track your progress. Don’t just file it away and think about it twice a year!

What are your goals? With the new year right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start organizing this part of your business! 

Once you set your goals, create a strategic plan to achieve them. I have a free guide to walk you through the process of creating an actionable strategy plan you can stick to. Click here to get your copy!

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