Why Customer Experience Is More Important Than You Realize

Customer experience is critical to your business. Learn how to create a positive customer experience in your online business to keep people coming back to work with you!

How Buying Cookies Was a Life Changing Experience

Recently I had an experience with a cookie that was life changing. I know you may think I’m being dramatic, that no cookie can be that delicious. But the cookie wasn’t what was life changing. It was my experience. I was reminded how important customer experience is, no matter how small the interaction may seem.

My Super Sweet Customer Experience

I finally had the experience of visiting Crumbl cookies. (If you haven’t had them, I would highly recommend getting your hands on them. If you get an opportunity to go in store, I highly recommend that as well.) 

The moment I walked into the bakery, I was immediately inspired. The design of the storefront. The eye-catching branding throughout the store. The visible baking kitchen right next to the customer lines. All of these special touches added to the positive customer experience. And that’s just how the building impacted my experience. More than that, I was immediately greeted by each employee when I walked in, which made me feel seen and valued. All the employees were doing something else when I opened the door, but they all took a moment to say, “Welcome!”

I never imagined something as “small” as buying cookies could have so much thought and intention into the interaction. It’s easy to think that level of care would go into high ticket purchases, not something as simple as a sweet treat. While these cookies are expensive in my opinion, the experience of purchasing them made me feel like the value was justified. Don’t get me wrong. These cookies were DELICIOUS. But I didn’t feel like I was getting an overpriced cookie that I could have made myself. The customer experience was unmatched. 

I’m a cookie fanatic. I LOVE cookies. I make a pretty good chocolate chip cookie in my opinion (recipe from Rae’s Bakery Blog). So I tend to have high expectations when purchasing cookies and really judge the experience. There have been so many times I’ve felt let down by a cookie experience. So to have purchased from Crumbl and be excited about going back to have that experience again is pretty exciting. (I’m always looking forward to positive interactions with businesses that just get it 🙌). 

Customer Experience Will Make or Break Your Business

I’ll say that again because it’s so important to understand. Customer experience will make or break your business. It doesn’t matter how great of service or result you give if people don’t enjoy working with you. When the customer feels valued, appreciated, and genuinely cared for, that will build loyalty very quickly and have clients come running back to work with you. 

Providing a customer experience people will rave about can be really challenging as an online service provider. We rarely get to “see” our clients face-to-face before a service is performed. (Well, we may see them on a discovery call. But even then we didn’t “see” their experience until they joined the Zoom!) 

So how do we duplicate the amazing customer experience I had at Crumbl in an online setting? There are some key things all online business providers should be doing to provide a positive client experience: 

Some tips to carrying out a great client experience:

  • Check your links. Make sure links aren’t broken and your information is easily accessed.
  • Check your workflows. Do automatic emails have all necessary info? (appointment confirmations, reminders, Zoom links, etc.) 
  • Be timely in your communication. Even if you can’t get to them right away, let your client know you see their email/message and set the expectation for when you can respond

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