What does your support system look like?

“I need to go to the bathroom”, my friend whispered. “Come with me!”

How many times have you gone to the restroom not because you actually need to empty your bladder, but because your friend wanted company? We’ve all seen it–a group of females in the bathroom where only one is using the room as intended and the others checking their hair, on their phone, or catching up on the latest tea. 

Why do women go to the bathroom together?

I’ve been contemplating this phenomenon for quite some time now and have come to this conclusion: women thrive together.

Our world has been pushed online and many women feel more isolated than ever. As a result of the pandemic, the social interactions we used to experience with coworkers, friends, and networking events have been cut. Maybe you’ve even decided to take charge of your career and become your own boss.

Is this YOU?!?! Are you part of the up and coming female entrepreneur movement?

If so, a vital part of your success is to find other like-minded women to serve as your “group to the bathroom”. When others have no idea how to relate to your dreams, you can turn to your tribe and experience a strong and supportive community of women. I don’t know about you, but finding a group of high-achieving women, that truly want to see other women succeed, seemed hard to come by.

Until now.

I didn’t want a group coaching program. I wanted a support system!

A couple months ago, I searched for a business membership that WASN’T a group coaching program or a course. I desired to be around women who understood what it was like to build an online business. I wanted a go-to place when I needed support and encouragement. Sure, Facebook groups are great. But how many times have you asked a question just to get sales pitches instead of an answer?!

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who has her back”

If you’re curious about expanding your support system, consider Cyber Squad Collective. Along with finding other women like you to collaborate with, Cyber Squad Collective offers everything you could dream of in a support system! The women in this group will listen to your struggles but also push you to leave your comfort zone and increase productivity. This sisterhood could be the catalyst for your business’ success.

With this membership, you’ll get access to:

GSD Days (Get Sh*t Done): Ummm hello accountability!

Round Table Discussions: Problem solve whatever you’re facing in your business WITHOUT getting pitched!

Guest speakers: Training on topics that actually matter for your business. We’ve had guest speakers talk about content marketing, sales, business contracts, and project management systems!

Private Facebook Group: a safe place for you to share your wins, get encouragement, and ask questions without getting your inbox flooded with unwanted DM’s and sales pitches. Get help from women who know what they’re talking about and just want to see you succeed!

What are you waiting for?

Click the link below to learn more and expand your network! (Full disclosure, this is an affiliate link as I am one of the founding members of this group. More info on the page!)

>>>>>>>>Yes! I want to expand my tribe and find the catalyst to my business!!!!

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