Lead with Value: The Problem with “High Ticket Client” Messaging

When it comes to the online business space, “land the high-ticket client” messaging is everywhere. It’s time to turn this message on its head. Let’s focus on what’s truly important and lead with value.

“Replace 5 clients with 1 high ticket client.” I recently saw this line in a Facebook ad. While this line may sound catchy, there are actually so many problems with the message that it sends. 

The whole land-the-high-ticket-client messaging being pushed in the online business space is honestly a major pet peeve of mine. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but I’ve been hesitant to share my opinions on the topic. I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers. And I thought it wasn’t my place to share. People can do what they want, right? 

Well… I’ve decided I’m going to share my thoughts anyways. This topic is too important for me to say nothing. And I want to be clear: I don’t mean to be offensive. I do understand the intent behind the message. But I just don’t think the messaging conveys the intention well and some things need to be cleared up.

The Intent, the Message, and the Problem

I know the intent behind pushing landing high ticket clients is to share a solution to work less and get paid more. That’s ultimately everyone’s goal right? No one wants to work more and make less. This is also a very practical solution! Don’t get me wrong.

But the problem I see is that this message often pushes money first, value and impact second. It doesn’t even address the point that the price being charged should directly correlate to the value being provided to the client. 

To me, it comes across as, “Well, if you want to make this much money, just charge it! It doesn’t matter what you offer or what your services will actually do for the customer.” I’ve hired coaches before that have pushed this exact methodology and have implemented it in their own business. 

I think this is the very reason, or at least one of the major reasons, why so many people regret the investments they make. They think if someone charges a certain amount, it’s because the service is truly worth that amount. Unfortunately, with this “just charge it” mentality, many customers aren’t receiving the value they think they are investing in.

At the end of the day, providing value to our clients is what matters. As online service providers, we must shift to a “lead with value” mindset. 

Why We Should Lead With Value

I didn’t start my business to get rich. I don’t think you did either.

I started my business because I saw this to be a solution to my schedule and lifestyle complaints (Um, I hate commuting, and I am so so so glad I can work from home!) and a way for me to live out my purpose. I won’t get all mushy and woo woo here – that’s a story for another day. But knowing that this is the reason I came into the online business space has impacted the way I set my prices and provide value to my clients. 

When it comes to setting your prices, I wholeheartedly believe you should look at the value and impact first, then set your price. What will your services/offer/product actually DO for the customer? What will they get in return? Set your price based on the value you believe you will provide. Then it’s up to the customer to determine what your offer is valued to them and if it’s worth purchasing or investing in. 

Focusing on value and impact first will make it so much easier to reach a sustainable, successful level in your business. In one way or another, I think we both know you started your business to make a difference – in your life and in your customers’ lives. 
You DO deserve to live your dream life – making more and working less. But let’s focus on how you can make a larger impact in your customers’ lives first. The financial rewards will surely follow that.

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  1. OH this is spot on and a conversation I’ve been having endlessly with my community — just sent out an email on this topic this week!

    And I can’t tell you how many “bad investment” stories I’ve heard and the exact problem was the gap in the pricing and the actual value AND the marketing tactics that were used to sell those super high ticket services.

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