How to Stay Top of Mind for Your Potential Clients

Keep your marketing and messaging simple so that you stay top of mind and it’s easy for clients to work with you!

Templates are so so so popular. I don’t know if they’ve always been as much of a hit as they currently are, but I can see why everybody loves them. 

We like having a sense of direction when we start something. We like to know generally how to go about a new graphic or what steps to take when it comes to building something.

That’s where having a solid template comes in.

Templates take the guesswork out of the project. 

We all know what it’s like staring at a blank page trying to create something. Your mind is going a million different directions with possibilities and you kind of just freeze, unable to decide the best direction to go. 

Using a template helps to create a vision where there was previously just a blank page. They take limitless possibilities and options and narrow down the vision. 

While narrowing the vision might sound like a bad thing, it’s really to your benefit. Hear me out.

Having too many options makes us overwhelmed. 

Think about it this way. 

Scenario #1:

You decide you want pizza for dinner. You start looking at the menu and everything looks amazing. Do you go with the classic favorite or the new featured pizza? Oh but that special looks good too! Now you’ve spent over 15 minutes looking at pizza toppings and still can’t come to a decision.  

Scenario #2:

You decide you want pizza for dinner. Your local pizza shop only has two flavors: pepperoni or cheese. You obviously choose pepperoni because who eats just cheese pizza?! 🤭 jkjk. I know a lot of people love cheese. But in this case, your decision was made in about 5 seconds. 

See my point? People don’t like to make decisions when there are too many options. Fear of commitment goes through the roof! 

How do you use this to your advantage? 

Remain consistent with your marketing. Keep your offers clear and minimal. 

One way to help keep yourself consistent is to create templates for yourself. This way you can ensure that each message you put out through your marketing efforts is consistent and lines up with your overall message. 

Creating templates and keeping your offers clear and minimal helps prevent both you and potential clients from facing an overwhelming number of decisions. You are able to easily create marketing content to reach potential clients because you now have a narrowed focus for your messaging. Your potential clients are no longer questioning what you offer or have to choose between a laundry list of options. They can quickly see that you offer exactly what they need.

When you’re consistently showing up, you’ll be the go-to person when a client has a need arise. 

Instead of your potential client posting, “Hey! I need a VA. Anyone have recommendations?” and being flooded with 600 comments like, “Me! I do!” (We can talk about responding like this another day)…

Your potential client will reach out to you for the service that they need because you: 

  • created connections with people.
  • built relationships.
  • told people what you do and what you’re about.
  • kept yourself top of mind.

How do you do this? Stay consistent. Start conversations. I’ve gotten more clients this way than by pitching my services on a thread or applying for a job opp. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed when it comes to your marketing and overall strategy for client acquisition, you need to narrow your vision. If you need help narrowing your vision so you can show up with clear, consistent messaging, book your Done For You Strategy Plan now. I’ll outline exactly what you should be doing to stay top of kind for potential clients. 

To learn more about my VIP Day: Done For You Strategy Plan, click here. If you’re ready to book your call to get your strategy plan, click here.

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