Develop Your Messaging in Four Simple Steps

“Have a clear message to generate leads and make sales.”

As a business owner, you’ve probably heard this (or a version of this) hundreds of times. Messaging is a critical component of successfully marketing your business and creating content that sells. But it’s hard to know how to develop such a powerful element of your marketing when it’s such an intangible concept.

To help take the overwhelm out of developing your messaging, I’m breaking messaging down into four pieces that will make it easy to clarify and simple to create.

The Problem You Solve

The Solution You Provide

Your Working Process

Transformation and Benefits

When you develop your messaging and create content that addresses these four areas, you help your ideal client move through the awareness journey and into your sales process!

1. The Problem You Solve

Being able to articulate this will help your ideal client self identify themselves. They’ll read your content and say, “She gets me! She knows exactly what I’m struggling with.”

When you’re writing down the problem that you solve, leave the solution out of it. I know, it’s hard to not immediately go into how to solve it. But you want your ideal client to be reminded of their problem and build up their desire for a solution. This will make them want to come back to you for the answer.

When creating content about the problem, try to think of your ideal client’s situation and experience. What are they telling their friends, peers, or spouse when they’re complaining about the problem?

For example: as a Director of Marketing, I help my clients develop and implement effective marketing strategies. But my ideal client may not realize that’s what they need. So I have to ask myself, is my ideal client saying they need an effective marketing strategy? Or are they saying they are struggling to bring in customers and generating traffic to their website? See the difference?

2. The Solution You Provide

This is where you talk about how you solve that problem! Let your ideal client know that your offer will relieve the specific pain they’ve been feeling.

When creating content about your solution, use the language that your ideal client would use to help them better understand how you can help them. Using industry terminology isn’t always the best, especially if it feels overwhelming for your ideal client to digest.

For example: marketing strategy is an industry term I use frequently. As a Director of Marketing, I understand exactly what this means and how having a marketing strategy can solve my clients’ problems. But to people outside of my industry, this term can seem vague and intimidating. So I need to change my language to fit what my audience is looking for. Instead of saying, “I will create and implement an effective marketing strategy for your business.” I should say, “I will strategically increase your audience, drive traffic to your site, and generate leads for your business.”

3. Your Working Process

This is the process you take your clients through to perform your services or get them the transformation and benefits they are looking for. Let them know how you will get them from where they are to where they want to be.

I think this is an overlooked area of so many people’s content creation and strategy. You’ve probably seen people talk about addressing the problem and solution when it comes to messaging. But creating content about your working process is just as important!

Talking about your working process allows you to take away all of the unknowns for your ideal client. When someone doesn’t know what to expect, they may perceive it as too risky, unsafe, or have fear around that investment. When they know how you’ll work with them, what will happen after signing with you, they’ll be much more comfortable with taking that next step. (And you’re able to tell them exactly what that next step should be!)

4. Transformation and Benefits

This is where you land the plane, so to speak. Show your ideal client the transformation they will experience by working with you.

Knowing the desires of your ideal client is so important when crafting this part of your message. Why do they want to solve their problem? Or what do they want their life/business/experience to look like? Remember, they may not know they have the problem. So coming at this from multiple angles or perspectives can be powerful.

It’s important to be specific about the transformation and benefits. For example, saying that you will help your ideal client “have more time” and leaving it at that is not going to be specific enough. Everyone wants more time, but to do what with? There are likely too many options floating around in someone’s head of what they could do with more time when they read that. It’s not compelling enough to make someone take action now.

Something to note: You need to be specific in all four areas of your messaging. By being as specific as possible, you are able to connect with your ideal client’s emotions and make them feel their paint points, feel that the solution you offer will improve their life, and feel like they need to take action in order to experience that transformation.

Develop Your Messaging

Take some time to think and journal about each of these areas and your content creation will become much easier. Use these questions to help guide you:

  1. What problem is your ideal client facing that they want solved? What are their pain points?
  2. How will you solve their problem? Why is your offer their best solution?
  3. What does your working process look like? How can you take away all of the unknowns so that your ideal client feels comfortable taking the next step?
  4. What is the transformation your ideal client will experience by working with you? What are the specific benefits that they desire and you can provide?

By developing your messaging and creating content that addresses these four areas, you’ll find it easier to connect with your audience, start conversations, and even identify more leads.

Why? Because your messaging is clear.

Need More Support?

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